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“an absolute must-have for your collection!” - Contemporary Fusion Reviews

"Quinn Johnson plies his trade with mastery and virtue, and he respects the depth of his instrument’s power to enhance others’ lives. -Joe Ross, Roots Music Report 

the 2020 pandemic project- a clearinghouse of old compositions performed in lock-down by old friends

-here a a couple of the 11 tracks- check out the rest at BANDCAMP   also available at Apple Music

                                     Carol’s Delight

                                      Child’s Song- Portrait


trio-cover 360 360

American standards, Cubam rhythms with Jimmy Branly and John Belzaguy- here’s a taste of this record

Available at Apple Music and Amazon

                                      Alone Together

                                       Willow Weep For Me

                                       Stompin at the Savoy


                                       Close Enough For Love

                                       Here’s That Rainy Day

tbopcovr 360

Solo piano/electric piano- some standards, some original compositions- here are a few of the 15 tracks

Available at Apple Music and Amazon

                                        Fantasia in D

                                       One Note Samba


                                         Away, Further Still

qj3cover 357

A recording I did for a Japanese label with greats Ed Howard and Adam Nussbaum (those are not my legs!)

                                         Tin Tin Deo

                                           Speak Low

                                           Briga Nunca Mais

                                          A Child’s Gift

                                                this composition was used during an episode of the Emmy winning show “Homeland”


a couple of tunes from my old band Upper Structure 

(w/Katisse Buckingham, Kate Higgins, Joel Alpers and Derek Frank)

                                          Customer Nervous -  a tune I co-wrote with Katisse

                                           Making the Saint - written by Joel Alpers


Here (Sometimes There) -my first solo recording. Piano/bass/perc, original tunes

with Ron Powell, Kurt Rassmusen, and Trey Henry

a sampling of the early days

                                          CLB (chopped liver brothers)



                                           Under Darkened Sky

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